Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend nightmare

I did a lot of eating this weekend... And a LOT of throwing up.

I cannot go to my parents' house without eating my brains out. Everything in sight... I ate.

And then I purged. SO many times I thought my eyes were going to pop out and my throat was going to swell shut and that my head was going explode.

I don't know why I can't stop it.

I eat. Uncontrollably. And then when I feel SO full I can't handle it any longer, I sneak away and purge. Then a few hours later, I do it again.

Luckily I didn't gain anything over the weekend. And if I manage to stick to my plan over the next week, I'll lose even more this week.

No more staying at my parents' house for a while. I can't keep doing that to my body. It wasn't enjoyable at all.

But, weird enough, I don't feel guilty about it. It's horrible. Whenever I go there, that little girl who can't handle herself comes out and I LOSE IT.

But! I must put the weekend behind me and focus on making the rest of the week great!

Today's intake:
FF Yogurt - 100
Ham - 15
Tomato - 10
Cheese - 10
FF Dressing - 7
Peppers - 5
Total: 150

I'll have some steak and veggies tonight as well for about another 200.

So, 350 for the day? Fuck yes.

My diet pills really make me not hungry. They've been SO amazing. One in the morning and one about halfway through my shift at work... Snack when I get home and then dinner with the hubby that looks fairly normal.

Amazingggg. I'll lose this fucking weight in no time.

Thursday is the only thing I'm worried about because I have to day off...

SO, the plan there: I have a $10 card for a store AND 2 free VS pantie cards AND a reeeally awesome retail store is opening at the mall here and giving away stuff to the first 100 people in line... SO I'm contemplating doing that all day.

What better way to not eat than to get to a store at the crack of dawn and wait in line to get free stuff? Ha ha!

Think thin ladies!


  1. i need to get some of those diet pills! Its always good to hear that you kept your weight steady, even on a binge. keep fighting! :)

  2. Lol the shopping day sounds like an awesome distraction :)

  3. ok, whats the name of those diet pills again??

  4. omg I know exactly what you mean! everytime I go back to my parents, my mom stuffes me with food! its disgusting!!
    thank god u didnt gain any weight! lucky you :)

    keep it up! youre almost on your goal! so proud!!!