Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Puffy and planning

I feel gross today. Bloated (Even my lips and fingers are puffy) and my allergies are bad this morning.

My weight didn't go down from yesterday. I haven't had a BM though, and I'm definitely retaining water. And I really need a BM. We switched up dinner plans, and I had some beans/guacamole/veggies last night, and normally that stuff goes right through me, BUT... it didn't.

I'm going to assume today's number on the scale is a fluke and not worry too much. However, no solid food until dinner tonight... And I need to drink LOTS of water. NO soda.

Today's planned eats:
B: Diet pill.
L: Diet pill.
D: Beef & veggies, broiled with no calorie butter spray. @ 225 cals
Total: 250 cals max

I have GOT to stick to this today if I want to lose some of this fucking weight!

Also, I need to do a workout video today because I didn't yesterday like I wanted to since I was at work so late. Shouldn't be the case today.

Well, think thin, ladies.


  1. I like the new blog layout, looks good. I hate puffy bloated days it just puts you in such a bad mood it seems like the whole day is ruined:(

  2. I hate when the little food I eat stays in me :/ Thats why I used to help myself with laxatives. Soooo much less stressful

  3. YOu can do it! I need to drink more water myself but I still have this irrational water weight fear.

  4. You know, the diet pills could be contributing to your constipation. I know that many diet pills are supposed to help RELEASE food from your system, but the liver can get tired of processing any pill pretty fast.

    Try drinking way more water when you take your diet pills. Because food-wise, you are already doing everything right by eating plenty of fiber.

    I know how it is when you just want to see how much you REALLY weigh, but you are being stopped from it because there is still food/waste in your system. ICK!

    I don't like to take laxatives, but there are some laxative teas that might be a happy medium.

    Also, I do kundalini yoga (http://www.raviana.com/) and many of the moves help with constipation. One that particularly helps is to sit "indian style" with your hands resting on your kneecaps. Then move your stomach in a big, slow circle counter-clockwise, pretending your belly-button is touching the rim of a giant bowl all the way around. After several times around, switch to clockwise rotation. It really can help if you stretch all the way around really well.

  5. ive been completely slacking this week, its good to hear that somebody is keeping up with their diet :)

  6. wow! 250 per day? youre amazing!!! I need to be as strong as you. keep it up