Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Low cals and hypnotizing.

Intake today:
B: 2 Diet Pills
L: Icee and Salad - 200
D: Chicken Sandwich - 215
Total: 415 calories.

I'm proud.

Plans for tomorrow have been all OVER the place as of the past few days. First I was going to make a shopping day of it, THEN my parent's were going to come visit us, and NOW Noel and Wes are coming tomorrow. The boys are going to work on the car and we're all going to have dinner.

So now my plan for tomorrow is to CLEAN THE HOUSE!

And then have dinner. And only ONE yogurt beforehand. And I had a stroke of genius and bought some Corn tortillas so I can have those tomorrow instead of flour. (MUCH lower in calories.)

In other news, there's a regular customer at my job that wants to take me shopping. Shoe shopping to be specific... How weird is that???

Apparently this guy is weird in general... He comes in on an almost daily basis. He asks for BLONDE girls every time. He eats a ten dollar meal and tips twenty dollars IF the girl "hypnotizes" him.

I'm not kidding.

He basically just wants you to count down from ten to one and "relax" him. Then he does whatever you say. He wants you too tell him what to call you and what to do. How much to tip and what to say back to you and how to feel... I honestly think he just has a fetish.

However (and I know this is going to sound HORRID, but it's MY blog, so here goes...) I'm really tempted to take him up on the shopping.

I'm SO broke lately, the dude is LOADED, and I honestly don't feel scared of him. He's a bit of a pathetic individual. He's an accountant for God's sake.

The issue is that it COULD be dangerous. And I wouldn't want to tell anyone about it, SO... See the dilema?

I don't know why I'm contemplating, but he said he would give me $100. That's a bit of money to me lately... And I'm tempted to see how far he would take it. You know? Like make him buy me loads of stuff and see if he would go along with it.

Then I could return everything and get the moneyyyy. Ha ha!

We'll see. I'm still undecided. I don't know why I'm contemplating in the first place, hanging out with a fucking weirdo, but I am.

Alas. Money IS the root of all evil.

Well, gotta run. Hope you're all having an amazing day!

Think thin, ladies!


  1. I wouldnt do it.. you never know what kinda psycho/stalker type he can be...

  2. That is the weirdest shit I've ever heard...hypnotizing..? But hey, I'd do it for a $20 tip lol. I wouldn't be alone with him though if you're not going to tell people where you are, you just never know.

  3. i agree, don't go. have fun with it at work but leave it there and be safe :) you know deep down it would not be a good idea so go with your instinct and work hard for your money.

  4. What a creeper. i think that if you meet up with him at the store, itll be fine. But dont get into his car, dont have him take you. You never know who this guy really is.

  5. I don't blame you for considering it. Make sure it won't get you into trouble at work. I'd also say if it's a public place and just once not so bad. It's just that obviously he is weird so I don't know how comfortable I'd feel. Hey, when he asks what to tip just tell him $100 bucks.