Saturday, August 13, 2011

Loss and drinking rules

Firstly, this link is amazing: Recipe Calculator. It calculates calories in things you cook. Amazing for baking! Also added it to the links on the right navigation.

Now, onto other news...

My weight is down another pound this morning. I'm SO close to 115lbs I can taste it. then 110 is just around the corner! I'm honestly really proud of myself for yesterday because I had the day off alone and I did not binge or purge. That's the first time that's happened in a long time.

My only struggle today could be because the hubby and I have the day off together. Sometimes this equates to more eating than usual, but I'm going to keep it in check!

Planned food:
B: Egg whites and veggies - 100 cals
L: Yogurt - 100 cals
D: Thai chicken and vegetables - 225 cals
Total: 425 cals

Sounds good to meeee! I know I can stick to this.

I was asked about alcoholic drinks, so I'll go over that really quick.

I have rules. Firstly, I think it's important to have drinks you fall back on. Things that you KNOW how many calories are in. I typically allow myself one of three things:

1.) Vodka/tonic or vodka/club soda. I love me some vodka... And these 2 mixers have the lowest calories of any out there. Club soda has ZERO so I'll do that with flavored vodka for about 130 cals a drink, or plain vodka and tonic water for about 160 cals a drink. Yes, it's higher than other things you could drink, but I feel a girl should allow herself a liquor in her life.

2.) Champagne. 90 calories a glass and SO yummy.

3.) Red wine. 105 calories a glass. Also yummy.

If I have to deviate from this for some reason, I stick to the following rules:
1.) No beer. It's the bread of alcohol. And bloat is ugly.
2.) No calories in mixers like juices, sodas, etc. Only tonic, club soda, and diet.
3.) No liqueurs.
4.) No house cocktails/mixed things.

THEN I think it's important to plan for drinking. Calculate how many calories are in the number of drinks you KNOW you will have and then squeeze that into your daily limit.

If you want 2 glasses of champagne at dinner and know you will, have those for 180 cals and a salad for 50, etc. Be realistic. And I never allow myself more than 2 drinks. Typically because at that point I have a significant buzz because I rarely drink and barely eat.

And lastly (and this is a big one) DO NOT DRUNK EAT. I know it's hard and we all slip up, but don't do it. I've had many nights mia-ing in a bar bathroom because fried mushrooms got me. It's not worth it. Ever.

Hope you all have a lovely day! Think thin, ladies!


  1. omg thank u so much! this is sooooo useful!!!!

  2. Those are awesome rules. I never thought of club soda and flavored vodka. I like tequila and diet ginger ale, or gin and diet tonic. But find a bar that has diet ginger ale or diet tonic.... it's impossible. Sadly I generally end up with an ameretto sour which is tasty, but so calorific. I'm trying your tips next time.