Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little more on diet pills and life in general

Mega T is the name brand of the green tea diet pills.

Almost every store here in the US (ie Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS) has them and a generic brand as well. I compared the boxes and made sure the ingredients were the same and bought the generic brand for about $10 less.

Hope they work wonders for you ladies!

They're definitely working for me... And I'm pretty sure my stomach shrank QUITE a bit recently because I'm hardly ever hungry.

Yesterday's intake:
B: 2 diet pills.
L: Frozen Yogurt - 100 & Granola - 90
D: Wheat bread, Turkey, Veggies - 250
Total: 440

This morning I'm on my PERIOD and the scale still says I've lost. In a few pounds I'll be back to the weight I was the beginning of my wedding week and then another week or so and I'll be back down to 112lbs.

Then 110lbs is juuust around the corner.


Tonight may be rough for me. Noel and Wes are coming over and we're supposed to have tacos for dinner. Luckily I'm cooking so I know what's in everything. The plan is one taco, with as little tortilla as possible and a side of FF beans with loads of veggies. And NO CHIPS!

Ground beef: 1/4 cup - 180 cals
Veggies - 20 cals
FF Sour Cream - 20 cals
1/4 cup FF Refried beans - 45 cals
Total: 300-ish

I'm going to have JUST yogurt before they come for 100 cals. Putting my day at 400 and then I have a bit of wiggle room. :-)

I hope it's a nice visit! Sometimes I enjoy hanging out with them and sometimes I don't... Let's hope today goes well.

Think thin ladies!

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  1. It's really good to plan out most of your meals, good job lady! :)

    Fasting totally shrinks your stomach, making you hungry less - so, very helpful!