Friday, August 26, 2011

Game plan

SO I decided to have a semi-normal intake yesterday in the attempt to give my metabolism a boost. It's worked in the past, and I hope over the next couple days it works out.

I had a few more carbs and sugars than I usually allow myself. I HATE going to bed feeling full, and I DID. Woah, buddy...

I felt like I ate for hours, when in actuality I probably ate what a normal person my size eats on a daily basis. It just felt like a TON.

My weight is only up a half a pound this morning (pre-BM) which is a good sign that I can lose, lose, lose this weekend if I stick to the game plan...

WHICH is to NOT eat ANYTHING today and not anything tomorrow until I have to at my mom's house. The problem will be that I have to cook dinner for my hubby tonight and not eat it.

I think I can get away with it... I plan to cook it before he gets home and leave it in the fridge and feign a migraine. I ALSO plan to take some Addy at work as soon as I get my hands on the damn pills the girl owes me, and do a workout video when I get home.

Then Saturday at my mom's house ONE meal (might take an Addy early in the morn to get through the first part of the day), and Sunday I'm going to stick to my max 500 cals plan. Hopefully on Monday morning when I weigh in I'll be down a bit and not STUCK at this plateau.

I'm so close... I am NOT giving up. I know if I can just get there, I can maintain. It's just a matter of convincing my body to get there.

If I'm still stuck at this number on Monday, I'm going into overtime. No more fat Cally. I don't care if I have to stop eating altogether, or start throwing up every single meal.

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  1. Good for you for devising a plan and NOT giving up. :)