Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food and party contemplation

Down almost 2 pounds since yesterday. Obviously my attempt at making up for Thursday not only worked, but I think the higher intake on Thursday for a day also helped.

Thus, I am decided that once every 5 or 6 days (at least once a week) I'm going to up my calories for a day to jump-start my metabolism. I of course will not eat anything that's not ana-approved type foods, but higher calories for a day will be good I think.

My actual eating yesterday went something like this:
Granola bar - 90
Slice of homemade pizza with FF cheese and pineapple - 200
Salad - 50
Total: 340

Still pretty good!

I've been invited to a girl's birthday at work, and I feel like I should go, but I am so fucking antisocial lately... I'm not even worried about the calorie aspect of it... It's just that I don't enjoy going out that much anymore.

I'm contemplating if I need to force myself for social reasons... I really LIKE the girl and her friends, and I work them half of them... But then I just get more friends that I don't REALLY want to do anything with when they invite me.

I'll see how the hubby feels when he gets home...

Well, I'm going shopping. In an effort to not binge today or purge in any way, I'm going to leave the house. And not leave the shops until 2:30pm, putting me home at 3pm, and then I can have something small.

Planned today:
Yogurt - 110 cals
Tilapia - 90 cals
Mango salsa - 75 cals
Asparagus - 30 cals
Total: 305

I've noticed that my days off are the most difficult, and I think it's because I'm not occupied by anything... I just have hours to do whatever I like and no deadlines or things I should focus on. At work I stay busy, don't have access to food (ironically enough... I work in a restaurant.) and I move around a lot so I don't get bored.

SO, we're going to mimic this today. Some hustling around town will have to do.

Think thin, ladies!


  1. idle days are harder for me to restrict too! I totally know what you mean about being anti social. Sometimes I just don't wanna go anywhere but I know I should because I don't want to look back and see that all i did was sit in the house. Life is meant to be lived and so sometimes I make myself.

  2. we only live once hun! go out and have fun :)
    what do u drink tho, that is not bad for ur body or ana-aproved?

  3. Most of my problems with food come with boredom... I eat because I am bored.. thats the worst.. so i try to find stuff to do..just to keep myslef of the fridge