Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diet Pills

I use Green Tea diet pills for those that were asking. I'm not sure what brand they were... I always pour them into a woman's daily vitamin bottle so that no one knows what I'm specifically taking. However, I know they're the cheaper off-brand ones that have all the same ingredients as the Mega T ones.

I've been contemplating trying Stacker lately because a girl I work with uses them and SWEARS by them.

Maybe once I'm out of these I will switch and try them... Hm. We'll see!

I'm SO tired today. I feel like insomnia hits me HARD when I'm barely eating. I should have taken a pill to fall asleep earlier in the evening but didn't until about 11:30pm and didn't pass out until after midnight. SO waking up early didn't happen.

My parents are coming to visit mid-week. I'm not thrilled. However I'll play it by ear.

Probably ruins my Thursday plan. :-/


Well, everyone have a good day! Think thin.


  1. i have insomnia too, even if i had school tomorrow, i can't sleep at least until 1am or 3am and i have to wake up at 5am :(

    i have panda's eyes, and i'm sure i look like a walking zombie in the morning

    goodluck with staying on your plan :D

  2. hey, i couldnt figure out how to send you a message, but if you still want to join my blog, the "join this site" button is under "join the community" on the right :)
    kisses and good luck with your plan!

  3. Do the diet pills make you less hungry? I never took those.. I kinda want to know what are the effects.