Monday, August 15, 2011

Calories and drugs

The scale was kind to me this morning. I did not gain from my binge/purge yesterday. Thank heavens.

Today's intake:
B: Diet pill.
L: Turkey wrap - 150 cals
S: Peanuts - 60 cals
D: Beef and zucchini - 200 cals
Total: 410 cals.

Lovely. I would like tomorrow to cut out the snack. Today was hard because I worked a really LONG shift and got desperatey hungry by the end and didn't have any more diet pills with me.

Tomorrow should be a short one and easier to not eat. I have a feeling if I don't fuck it up today I'll be down another pound tomorrow.

Every day I get closer to my goal, and it's amazingggg.

I got a Concerta from a girl at work today. Supposedly it's like Adderall, but doesn't make you cracked out? I read online it's basically the same drug except a lot of people get sleepy from it, but that they have the same concentration and lack of appetite.

I thought I was getting Adderall, but obviously not... I talked to another girl I work with though, and she's getting me some. I told her I want quite a bit and I'll sell what I don't take.

I'm tempted to take the Concerta tomorrow before work, but the fucking pill is 54mg, and considering I've never taken it before... Probably not the best idea. It's the same drug as Ritalin, I've been told.

I guess I'll wait for a day off by myself and see how it goooes! It'll be almost 2 weeks before that happens tho... Shit.

Well, think thin, ladies.


  1. I used to freak out when "regular people" commented on my ana-affiliated blog, so just so you know here is my old blog:
    I don't write there anymore, but I still fully identify with this world.

    I used to take aderall a lot to help with school, and it always did. Just wanted to say that I like your blog and your sense of humor (putting your current weight as 1,000 pounds is so something I would do haha).

    You make me want to get some diet pills . . . hmm. May I ask what kind you take?

  2. Adderall is fucking amazing. I've taken them and they totally help. I would be carefdul when you take them just because they made me shake a lot and get somewhat anxious. Good Luck :)

  3. i wanted to truly thank you for your supportive comments on my blog. as you know we can use all the support we can get it. that being said, i think you are amazing and you show wonderful control with your restricting. you actually are stopping me from going into the kitchen for a snack right now.

  4. Interested to hear about how your experience with Concerta goes. Maybe if you are worried about how big it is you could try half? I'm also curious about what kind of diet pills you are taking currently.

    Stay strong, beautiful.

  5. I took concerta for about a week years ago--I HAVE add, and it was the first thing I tried. I started getting rage attacks and told my doc and he gave me adderall after that.... that is a wonderful drug, but I can't take it anymore because I'm a recovering alkie and I started abusing my adderall (in sobriety)... So it's sticky for me, but man, I WISH I could take it :-)