Sunday, August 14, 2011

Binge and purge.

Today: fail.

Egg whites and veggies - 70
Yogurt - 110
Banana bread - 240
Then a bingey-binge:
Chips - 160
Thai chicken and veggies - 250
Peanuts - 100
More Banana Bread - 200
Yogurt - 100
Nutty bar - 300
Milk - 160
Total: 1,690.

The hubby has left me alone too much today while he worked on the car...

I think I can get most of this up still... Time for a purge.


It's done. And (oddly enough) I feel human again. Pretty sure I got rid of most of the 1,200 calories I consumed in about 30 minutes.

I disgust myself.

This week's goal: Stick to the calorie limit for 5 days straight while I work.

I pray my weight isn't higher tomorrow. I don't want to re-lose what I lost last week.


  1. :/. 1200 kcal isin't much compared to what binges can be but thats a lot in 30 min.. keep strong :) for me :D because you are one of my biggest motivations

  2. You can do it. They say purging gets rid of 80% of the consumed calories, not great but not bad either. Keep control and stay focused

  3. Keep your goal in mind! We all slipped once in a while but u have to stay strong! when I feel like eating I focus on ther things like cleaning my apartment, making random art projects, going for a walk, and always works to brush your teeth with heavy toothpaste :)
    think thin