Friday, August 19, 2011

Almost no food.

This morning the scale said I was down a pound. Still not having the best BMs, so I suspect once that finally goes back to normal I might feel better and weigh less. My stomach looks flatter though, which is nice, and I don't feel so gross today.

My intake yesterday was:
1/2 a slice of veggie cheese bread -@200 cals
1 slice of toast - 100 cals.
Total for the entire day: 300 cals.

And I kid you not, this is all that entered my mouth besides water. I didn't even want food. AND I was home alone all day! Typically = B&P. Not yesterday.

I want more Adderal. And I want to take it on my alone at home days so I don't eat.

Today's planned intake is:
B: Fiber cereal - 100 cals (needed for my digestion!)
S: Diet pill.
L: Yogurt - 110 cals
D: With the family, not to exceed 200 cals.
Total: 410 cals.

I can do this. I'm a tad worried, but I feel amazing after yesterday, and I have GOT to be 115lbs by Monday to reach my goal.

Think thin, ladies!


Stuck to my plan so far, but dinner may be a struggle.

I always seem to binge around my family. Crackers and sweets and all the things I don't buy... They keep stocked.

I'm going to bring some salad under the guise that I need to use it up before it goes bad (not entirely a lie) and hopefully just stick to that and some grilled chicken.

AND I'm going to lie by the pool so maybe I'll feel fat and not eat anything.

Wish me luck!


  1. I know right? Family is my biggest trigger.. its like "oh you brought ice cream, pastries and tiramisu? aaaawesome"

  2. Sounds like you're doing fantastic! Keep at it! Eating with family is the absolute worst, but just remember how good empty feels and how food is just not worth it. Good luck with dinner - I know you'll be fine!

    Stay Strong! XOXO

  3. Your numbers are amazing!!!

  4. you're so close to your goal, just keep that in mind! you can do it :)

    i always have bm issues it's so sad :(

    i'm worried about the adderal especially if it's not prescribed to you...i'm just saying cuz i care! i promise i won't preach it's just that my son had serious abuse issues with it so please be careful is all.

  5. awesome progress! good luck staying on course. family is a big triggerfir me since they keep foods in the house that I never would either!

  6. Adderall is such an amazing appetite suppressant! The downside for me is that it keeps me from sleeping, no matter how small of a dose I take or how early in the day I take it. It also makes me grind the CRAP out of my teeth, which really really hurts. I try to chew gum when I take it, but you can't very well chew gum all day, especially when TRYING to sleep. Addy also makes me feel REALLY anti-social. But that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes it makes me feel a little worthless, too, though.

    As long as you don't have any of those symptoms very much, I would keep taking it, too. You can become a little used to it, but I think it will continue to suppress your appetite. Did you know that Adderall was actually developed as a diet pill? They didn't use it for ADHD, etc., until years after it was on the market. True story.

    Anyway . . . this is me wishing you LUCK!!

  7. amazing intake! 300cal?! im a new follower and just want to say love your blog