Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stomach pain and cleaning

The past two days I have had horrendous stomach pain... I don't know what was causing it, but I suspect I was a bit constipated... Happens when I throw up too much sometimes.

I was going to take some laxatives to work it out, but the pain was SO intense and I was BMing a bit, so I was scared to do so. I was honestly scared I might have torn something from all the severe purging over the weekend.

Today I feel normal. Thank GOD because I really want to get on a schedule with working out and maintaining the house.

It looks like it may rain today, so my goal is to clean the house from top to bottom and squeeze in a workout. Then, my friends, I can maintain my schedule and lose, lose, lose.

Think thin, ladies.

1 comment:

  1. i hope you'll get better soon :)

    try not to throw up too much, and stay on your calories target

    have a good day :D