Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On track eating

Today's intake:

FF Refried Beans - 90
FF Sour cream - 20
Peppers, onions, tomatoes - 10
Salsa - 10
Cup soup - 70
Orange - 45
Granola bar - 90

Total thus far: 335 calories

I'm planning on some steak and vegetables for dinner, totaling around 200.

I looove being on track. Now to accomplish this tomorrow when I have to work...

I'm thinking apple for breakfast, apple sauce for snack during shift, granola bar on the drive home, salad for lunch, and chicken and veggies for dinner.

Totaling 500 calories, nice and evenly spaced out. Let's make it happen!

Think thin, ladies.


  1. I love those days when you go to sleep hungry and happy because everything went AS PLANNED :) best thing an amazing high

  2. I'm loving your blogs new look! Keep up the good work, I know you can do it!!

  3. good job!! your doing extremely good, you eat healthy food and keep you calories on track

    keep up the good work, goodluck and stay strong always :)