Friday, July 29, 2011

Life is good.

Gym this morning was amazingggg. I burned about 400 calories.

Intake so far:
Oatmeal - 100
Granola - 90
Popcorn - 100
Turkey - 50
Total: 340.
Planning on about 200 more for dinner - Slow-cooked pork and a big 'ole salad... I didn't realize but I haven't eaten enough fruits/veggies today yet.

I'm SO thrilled that everything has worked out JUST as I wanted it to today. Work was great, gym rocked, tanned... Hopefully in a few days I'll be confident enough to see what I'm weighing.

*Fingers crossed!* Think thin, ladies.


  1. I really need to get going on my exercises.. for me its the worst to start doing them.. then its easier to stay on track once I got on it... and 400 kcal burned..good job!!! How tall are you?

  2. omg! good job, your food intake is all low calories. my dinner is usually all veggies but sometimes i ate tofu, it's so soft and yummy

    i'm sure if you keep burning calories at gym you'll be confident at your weight in no time :D

    goodluck and keep up the good work!! :)