Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too much and not enough

Today was higher than I wanted it to be.

Intake today:
B: Coffee - 0 cals
L: Small salad and 7 skittles - 150 cals.
S: 1/2 slice pizza and small handful of nuts- 210 cals.
D: Pot Roast and Asparagus - 220 cals.
S: 2 Oreos and 1/4 cup cereal - 155 cals.

Total: 735 cals.

I could have done better today.

I could have eliminated a LOT of calories, but I'm still proud of today because I wanted to binge SO BADLY today, and I didn't.

I hope the scale is nice to me tomorrow.

I need to get back to the GYM! I have about 9lbs left to lose. And 8 days left to do it.

I can do it. I CAN if I try hard enough.

Tomorrow's goals:
1.) GYM!
2.) Coffee for breakfast and nothing for lunch/small dinner with mostly vegetables.

Off to burn some cals before bed. I figure if I burn about 300 cals via jumping jacks I can get rid of a lot of the damage I may/may not have done.

Oh scale, PLEASE be nice tomorrow!

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