Saturday, April 2, 2011


Sorrow rears its ugly head closest to dawn.
The demons sneak in
to wake me
just as I start to physically waste away
each night.
Eager to chase me
until the first rays of sunlight pierce their skin.
They snatch at my thick ankles
with their gnarled claws.
They scratch up my body
until they reach my brain.
They sink their teeth into my skull
to inject their poison.
Tainted memories
of loss.
People and places
Skewed and altered to make me feel guilty,
Like I've missed something along the way.
They rap their tails around
my stomach.
Telling me that's where my emptiness is.
"Fill it."
they seductively whisper.
The void.
I lie immobile.
I let them torment me,
but I will not listen.
I know they lie to me.
If I fill that void,
I will only have to empty it.

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