Sunday, April 3, 2011

New links and musings

I updated my links on the right to include my apple crisp recipe in my recipe post AND some episodes of "Intervention" about EDs and a couple documentaries.

I've been watching them like craaazy lately.

The scale read 119.5 pre-bm today. I'm pleased, but last night's over-indulgences made me lose less than I had hoped. Especially with my lack of activity lately due to the fact that I'm STILL SICK.

SO sick... Sneezing and wheezing and coughing and the like. I can barely breathe, much less exert myself enough to work out. It's actually amazing that I've lost 3.5lbs in about 4 days with how little I've been moving.

But I WANT 110lbs! 50kg! 7.5 stone! I want to be thin and sleek and fabulous.

Bikini ready.

Intake today:
Yogurt - 110cals
Carrots and Hummus - 120 cals
Salad & Steak - 130cals
Total: 360 cals

I may eat a banana...

I MUST stick to this! No cookies or brownies and no pizza... The hubby is making quick work of all of those, so I know it's manageable.

I told myself on Thursday that if I stick to under 500 calories each day and IF I weigh 116lbs or less by Thursday the 7th, that I can allow myself an "easy on myself" day. Well, last night's intake ruined that, so I'm going to allow myself an "easier on myself" day IF I still weigh 116lbs this Thursday and stick to under 500 calories the REST of the days! (And by "easy," I meant I wasn't going to count calories at all... Not go crazy or anything... Just not keep track or set a specific limit. Now, by "easier" I mean I'll allow myself an upped day, probably around 1100 cals.)

I'm 9.5lbs away from my goal, and 4 days away from my "easier" day.

I KNOW I can do this.

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