Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dinner party

I was pleasantly surprised that there were multiple salads this evening, so I got to eat quite a number of things without looking like I was.

I had my own antipasto salad, a very lightly dressed light Caesar (I saw the package!) and Caprese salad that was so big and chunky I could avoid the mozzarella. I picked at a piece of pizza too.

Unfortunately when dessert came around, I could not avoid it because we ate FAMILY style. Blow me. I had a small amount, and it was only Italian ice, which is not that bad for you actually.

I would estimate my calories to be about 600 total for the evening, considering that I was pushed a glass of wine and a Bellini that I sipped on until I could chuck somewhere.

SO, 660 today. But, as we learned before, alcohol stops fat from metabolizing a bit, and I had a lot of vegetables today, so maybe tomorrow's scale will be nice to me?

We'll see.

Beside the food, the dinner party itself was... awkward. I don't love Taylor's friends, except a couple of them. Most of them are just REALLY socially awkward or still in college or completely single (probably since birth if I would wager a guess) and have almost nothing in common with myself and the hubby.

I was ready to get out of there when it was over.

Looks like tomorrow is also going to be a day of no food until dinner because Noel and Wes want to hang out again and we're either supposed to go over to their house for dinner or out.

I kind of hope we go out, but I know the boys are voting for a buffet, of all things.

Everyone's extremely indecisive right now, so if I wake up in the morning and haven't lost again, I'm pushing for them coming over here so I can control the eating.

We shall see!

Time to do a job search...

I long to be a thin, fashionable career woman.

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