Thursday, March 31, 2011


2 diet pills, an allergy pill and a cup of coffee all consumed within 20 minutes will get you high.

"Take with a meal."

Add 6 fiber pills, and you won't feel hungry for a mere 10 calories.

That's a meal, right?

I've consumed approximately 450 cals today.

I went through most of my day feeling weak, frail, fragile. But the mirror says I'm huge.

I don't know if my crash from my high is what was so monumentally devastating today or if it was just the fact that I'm still sick.

"Where does it hurt you, baby?"
"Mm... My guts and my brain."

I can live with crashing.

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  1. Before I found myself in this mess (and I am not talking about ed.. ed helps me survive) I looked at people who drink/take/use simple sleep medication or whatever substances with a smirk because I was like "they are weak" know what? I would give a lot for a magic pill that would help me sleep through the night, I would give ANYTHING for a pill that could make me thin forever... and I would give TONS for the ability to get blackout drunk. Does that mean I am weak? And if I am ? isint everyone weak?