Sunday, December 26, 2010

Obligitory family holiday dinners

I really hate my dad's family.

Having dinner with them is honestly the last thing I want to do. Them and all their stupid small talk, getting annoyingly sobby and drunk because we have no relationship.

Yeah because I refuse to pretend to like you.

They can keep their fake emotions. I know they only feel sorry for themselves. And they can keep their shitty calorie-ridden fatty food too.

My grandma is basically dieing of cancer. I don't care. It doesnt hurt. It hurts more that I don't care, actually. She told me at 12 years old that she didnt love me so why should I care?

My aunt is a drunk pathetic annoying individual. And my uncle is a total loser who thinks he's hot shit. I'd probably like him more if he hadn't married my aunt. What a huge mistake he made.

Plus, my mom turns into a giant bitch when she's around them.

Method to the madness that is family dinner: take an ana-approved ammount of several items that are relatively harmless, eat half of the ammount on the plate, feign a migraine, play with the food on the plate until everyone else is done, gross myself out about how nasty the food really is.

Easier than anticipated.

Nothing like a dysfunctional family to add to a disordered eater.

About 800cals today and I'm not eating another bite. Meh by my standards.

I wish I had my scale. Its really bothering me not being able to know my weight.

Also not getting a christmas text back from Chevy is bothering me, but that is a completely nother matter.

Think thin, ladies.


  1. Eww I hate stupid people. Sorry you have to deal with them.

  2. ahhhhhhhh the awkward x mas dinner. It's over now so that's the good part...

    you did with eating/not binging.

    ~ Harlow