Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ereader for christmas. With wifi.

This thing is so badass. You can expect more updates from me for sure!

I just bough portia's book and can read it with no one knowing. I can't wait to start it.

Moving has been hard. We still haven't found a place and I honestly have no idea what my weight is at because my scale is packed away.

We're staying at my moms house over the holidays so my eating hasn't been so fast foodish, but I feel like a whale. Her scale says I'm at 120lbs, and normally hers is about 2lbs heavier than mine, but I feel like I cannot possibly weigh 118lbs.

I feel like a thousand.

I honestly don't want to see any of my friends until I feel like I'm significantly thinner, and that is why I wanted to move back here so badly. I've put off making plans with or calling any of them...

True ed girl behavior, I guess.

The holidays haven't been super bad, (today's cals were under 500) but tomorrow is our big meal day.

Wish me luck ladies! I'm going to go confer with my mom about our menu so I can attempt to plan my calories.

Hope you all have a happy holidays and stay thin and fabulous!

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