Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back and looking ahead

Sorry for my absence, ladies.

Getting ready to move has been a LOT of work, and there's not much more time... One week! Even now I have other things that I'm supposed to be doing, but I thought I'd take a break from all of it and blog while I have the opportunity.

AND, to top it all off I was sick with ah horrid flu for a WEEK. I was dieing and of course gained weight. When you can't work out or go to work or even MOVE and your hubby is pumping you full of gingerale and crackers and soup and God only remembers what else, it's hard to maintain and I have gained.

Nothing terrible by the world's standards, but horrific by my own.

The past 2 days have been fabulous though. I'm feeling better and am back on track.

My goal is to lose 5lbs by Wednesday for my going away party (where if I do so, I'm allowed to drink whatever I like and eat a meal out) and another 1 or 2 before moving day on Saturday.

This would put me at around 113lbs when I move. And then ideally, I'll be 107lbs by New Year.

It's been easier lately... Except that I worked out SO hard before work the other day that both of my legs hurt QUITE a bit... If I stretch and take it easy I should be able to do another workout by tomorrow.

I'm feeling good about my current routines, but I'm kind of concerned about the holidays.

I know Christmas Day is steak and salad night and then the following day is when we're having our big holiday meal. And seeing as how I know what my mom is preparing, I can stick to a smaller meal.

However, with the hectic schedule of moving and holiday traveling, I'm concerned about controlling my meals.

I'm sure I'll work it out though.

But that aside...

Do you ever have a situation where you wonder how the HELL someone could be physically attracted to you?

I honestly feel that way about my husband every day, but then the other night at work I was thinking about it as well because basically the management team at my job consists of 3 men and they ALL want to sleep with me.

One never would because his girlfriend is already young enough to be his daughter, but the other 2 have SAID things along the lines of, "I want to have sex with you."

They're not really adamant about it, and it never even borders on making me uncomfortable because I know none of them would ever even try something unless I initiated it, but the other night they all started drinking toward the end of their shifts and I have never felt more sneakily ogled in my life. Only they weren't that sneaky about it.

And I don't understand because 1.) I'm FAT and ugly and 2.) This is what I wear to work:

Oh yeah, so sexy. I mean, I know black is slimming and everything, but I seriously look like a man in my work clothes.

I think a lot of the intensity lately is because they know I'm leaving this week and they've been trying for 2 years essentially to fuck me, and they think time is running out.

Guess what, boys. You never had time to begin with. And I don't fucking understand you.

And no, I will not come into work early today. It's fucking snowing and I have 3 shifts before I never see you all again.

In honor of the hideous weather outside my door, snowy thinspo.

Think thin, ladies!


  1. omg. How dare you say you are fat! You lost so much and your weight is so low right now... I would give my left kidney to be that skinny! Keep it up!
    Also, yeah..being attreacted to someone is a very strange thing...i am atreacted to al the wrong guys...

  2. well you must look pretty good woman if all those men are on you even when you wear dungarees to work! good luck with your 5 lbs

  3. I always wonder why people are attracted to me. And when they are, I automatically assume they're using me for sex. It's kind of a problem, I think. And I dress like a bum, too. I don't understand.

    I hate holiday food... hang in there!