Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wasted time.

I burned a good 300 calories at the gym this morning, and my intake has been as follows:
Salad - 175
Peanuts - 25
Applesauce - 45
Sugarfree Fruit Cocktail - 100
Total: 345


I'm tired of being fat. Feeling gross. Looking blimpish.

I realized the other day that basically I have to increase my workouts if I want to lose the last bit of weight to be under-weight. Cutting calories to almost nothing is not working, and when I eat like a "normal" person, I gain and my body settles at around 120lbs.

This is not an acceptable weight, so it's time to start working out more.

I realized today when I saw Tanya back at work that I have basically accomplished nothing over the past 5 months. She's been away at school for a whole semester, and this morning when I weighed in, I weigh what I did the night before my party in June.

That is fucking pathetic.

I mean, 5 MONTHS!? I've yo-yo'd for 5 fucking months. What a WASTE of time!

And THEN I started thinking, I've lived in this town almost 2 years and I've lost a grand total of about 40 pounds.

That is also not impressive. I lost the bulk of it quickly and have maintained about 117 pounds for a good year... I want to LOSE IT!

It's time. It's time to accomplish the goal I set when I moved here - 107lbs.

I can do it too. If I really try, increase workouts and cut calories, I can be underweight, and I WILL BE.

I will be thin before I move back if I have to start throwing up every bite I eat.

Think thin, ladies.

Good luck with Thanksgiving tomorrow, my fellow American bloggers. I will be at work all day and plan on my trusty lunch box getting me through the shit fest around me.


  1. that's the thing about the low to no calorie diet. at some point you will eat a normal meal and potentially gain 5 pounds in one sitting. Sigh. i HATE exercise. That's my biggest problem. Well, aside from the fact that I'm a pig! Good luck to you with your new exercise plan!!!

  2. losing 40 pounds is no easy feat! That's a pretty great accomplishment.

    Exercise seems to work wonders on the body, my experience has always been that I can't get the body I want with restriciting alone, I always have to add exercise to reshape my body.

    Good luck :)