Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reward Program

I have decided to start a rewards program for myself, to motivate myself to lose weight.

I did the math and if I keep it low from now until when I move I can be at around 107, which is honestly my IDEAL goal, but the current goal is 111, because that's lower than my wedding day.

Either would honestly do at this point.

So, the rewards program is as follows:
Every day I will write 3 rules for myself, leading to under 500 calories a day.
If I follow all 3 rules, I get to put aside $4 for myself.
If I manage to follow the rules AND throw in a workout of at least 30 minutes, I get $8.
If I throw in a workout that burns 500 calories, I get $10.
If I break a rule, but still manage to have a low intake day (under 500) I get $2.
If I have a day where I eat over 1,000 calories, I have to give back $4.
AND, last but not least, if I manage to weigh 110 or less by my move, I get a $50 bonus.

THIS will be Christmas money for myself to buy whatever I want to celebrate my new body.

I think it's a freaking phenomenal idea, and I'm starting a little journal today to keep track!

Today's goals:
1.) NO BREAD!!!
2.) NO food after 10pm.
3.) Following meal schedule:
Now: Fruit gummies - 45 cals
4pm: Apple - 60 cals
6pm: Orange - 45 cals
8pm: Apple sauce- 45 cals
9:45pm: Popcorn or Oatmeal - 100 cals

Goals, set! Off to accomplish other things before work!

Think thin, ladies!

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  1. Just caught up on your blog.

    This is a wonderful plan!