Thursday, November 4, 2010

On track for the 3rd day

I got a little off track today, but didn't blow it.

Today's calories are estimated as follows:
Peaches - 50 cals
Chai Tea - 10 cals
Sugarfree Red Bull - 10 cals
1.5 brussel sprouts - 12 cals
1 Walnut - 25 cals
Bite of cookie dough - 15 cals
5 french fries - 45 cals
Sip of fruit punch - 3 cals
Piece of bread with butter - 150 cals
Total: 317

I wracked my brain, but I'm pretty sure this is every bite that touched my lips today.

I feel empty and happy.

Tomorrow's goal, one meal: Salad & Champagne.

I have dinner with my co-workers for Ashley's birthday.

I want to look fabulous and be thin, thin, thin.

Just keep saying the word:

Thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin, thin.


  1. Glad you didn't get thrown off! :) Salad and champagne sounds lovely and very cosmopolitan. THINTHINTHIN you'll get there quite soon!


  2. Salad & Champagne... how fabulous ! :)