Monday, November 8, 2010


I live my life in numbers.

48 stressful hours.

6 hours of conversation about the same fucking thing.

5 text messages to the skinny friend.

180 calories.

1 day of "normal" eating.

13 hours of work.

26,000 steps.

500 guilty panic attacks.

2 urges to B&P.

1 cigarette.

8 diet cokes.

7 pills.

3 hours of denial that the pills will eventually put me to sleep.

120 minutes of ED-TV.

2 trips to the scale.

12 minutes of "rational" thinking.

3 bouts of tears.

0 answers.

100,000 wishes.


  1. You should be an accountant - or someone who remembers shit.
    I can't remember anything haha//

    I'd probably get somewhere if I remembered all the absolute shit I ate.

    Congratulations on the 13 hours of work. I thought I was the only sucka working long hours this past weekend


  2. 13 hours of work..i do know what that feels.. as for numbers there is some magic in them