Friday, November 5, 2010

Dream Eat

I've been posting a LOT lately, and I think it's helping my motivation.

I woke up feeling guilty as FUCK this morning, and then realized it's because I ate in my dreams ALL NIGHT LONG. My brain hadn't switched over from dream to reality yet, and the feelings of guilt were horrendous. I must have consumed 3,000 calories in dreamland last night.

Sometimes that's nice because I almost trick myself into thinking I ate a lot of food.

Psycho? Probably.

Today is going to be tricky, I can tell. My body is teetering on that line of not eating too much for 3 days straight and wants to cave. I was looking up recipes a moment ago, and I wanted to tear through my kitchen like a tornado.

I did not, however. Fortunately for me, none of my trigger foods are even in the house right now.

I will not cave.

I know tonight's intake will probably be more than I want, but I'm not giving in to the longing to eat before then. I will have my tea or coffee from Starbucks with sugarfree everything and no dairy or soy and then bide my time until dinner.

Well, have to run, ladies. I have to go buy real butter because I'm making a cake for Ashley's birthday dinner. Oh, the irony.

Think thin.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I had such a similar dream. Total binge dream, but probably more like 10,000 calories ): Lucky you, house with no binge food. Keep being strong (:
    Love xx.