Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don't bring me down.

Today's resolve is clear, unlike the fog of the past 2 days.

I'm sure in my depressed, anxious, stressed-the-fuck-out state I have gained, but I'm not going to check.

I am going to have low, low days from today until my next day off, and then I will grace the scale.

I say grace because I know I will have lost and be satisfied with my progress.

I am going to say, "Fuck you." to food, my job, the people that piss me off, and life's shitty mess in general.

I will not be brought down by anything any longer.

I will be thin.


  1. FUCK YEAH! Ditch the shit that bogs you down and live for the stuff that makes you happy. It's the only way to be completely satisfied. Strive for your ideal life situation. ♥


  2. its better to distance yourself from things that make you unhappy than continue to get pissed off by them...surround yourself with things that matter to yu and make you happy... you can do it!