Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I am caught between two worlds, two desires.

I am a rebel. Artistic, and free, I smoke and swear like a sailor laugh and tell amazing jokes. I inspire. I create. I am dressed in the brightest colors, with the tallest shoes and my blonde hair flowing behind me, a smile vibrantly shining from my face, laughing much too loudly, but those around enjoy it. I am a creature of the night. My knowledge of food and drink is like that of the gods. I perform like a monkey for your coin, but I don't seem to mind. In fact, I enjoy performing because I know I am good at it. I collect things, I am eccentric. I have ideas that should work, but I never act on them. I have had my heart broken, but I turned it to stone. Everyone wants to bed me.

But then, I am sweet and innocent. My blue eyes are much too honest. I wear khakis and cardigans so soft those around want to touch me. I smell of citrus and sunshine. I am reserved and gentle. People tell me their problems because they know I will have the answers. They all confide in me. I know how to fix things, how to cook things, how to think about things in the right way as to not get yourself down and depressed. I am a mother, a nurturer. I am analytical, a scientist who knows a lot about trees and flowers and songbirds for some reason. I am wise beyond my years, and impress those around me with my wit and smarts. Everyone wants to marry me.

I am on a quest to find myself. Merging my personas.

The only thing is that they both want to be successful, beautiful, and thin.


  1. I hate when people say this to me because it's so vague but "I loved this post."


  2. You sound like an awesome person!! Very well rounded-personality wise. I loved this description of who you are.