Friday, September 10, 2010

A Touch of Red

I go through phases on here where I have no longing whatsoever to blog.

Does that ever happen to you, ladies?

Lately I just feel like life is SO overwhelming, and when I look at my To-Do list that gets longer and longer every day, I can barely force myself out of bed, much less to blog.

And then the eating... It's so all over the place. Lately good, but what's good anymore? 300 calories? 1,000 calories? I have no structure any longer. I just try not to eat, panic when I do, and pray the scale drops.

The scale reads 117lbs this morning, pre-BM, but I feel like it MUST be lying.

I need to get back on track. I did well yesterday - I planned my day and stuck to it.

However, "plan"ing anything lately seems pointless because I feel defeated.


I will lose this pesky last 10 pounds and then feel fabulous about myself. I don't want to hover around 117 any longer; I'm sick of maintaining it.

I know this post barely makes sense, so I'll leave you with lots of thinspo...

I go through phases where I collect and collect thinspo with a theme or category. I call this collection "A Touch of Red."


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