Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Cal Honey Mustard

0 Calorie "Honey Mustard" sauce
2TB "I can't Believe it's Not Butter" butter spray - 0cals
2TB dijon mustard - 0cals
2TB truvia or splenda - 0cals
Dash of cinnamon

Heat all the ingredients together in a saucepan until warm and blended and sweetener has melted - leave on very low about 4 minutes so the flavors can integrate, stirring occassionally. Voila! I was looking the other day for something to put on carrots, and this was WONDERFUL. Even the hubby liked it, and it's NO CALORIES! I would even let it cool and use it as dressing on a salad, etc. Try it out!

In other skinny news...

My weight read 117lbs this morning... Only 7lbs left until GW #3.

I am so elated.

My eating is SO under control right now... I don't even get hungry.

It may seem like it's all in my head, but when I dip below 120lbs, I feel like I REALLY LOOK thinner...

It seems like my stomach looks flatter and my hip bones show more... With only 3 pounds less.

Alas, though, I'm at work and have to get back to it.

Think thin, ladies.

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