Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I injured my leg, and have been barely able to move...

My weight said 120 all week... I gained and I can't get it down... All I do it sit on the couch.

But I'm shrinking my stomach, I'm training myself to not binge at night again, to restrict, and to be ready once my leg IS healed to get back on the weightloss track.

Physically I'm a wreck, but mentally I can taste the loss... I feel SO inspired... SO ready to drop the weight.

Today's planned eats:
B: Cream of Wheat - 100cals
L: ??? Under 200 cals, probably closer to 100, and mostly meat/veg.
D: Tuna Salad - 100cals

Real life Thinspo, thank you facebook. And thanks for helping me realize today, as I was collecting these, that I used to be the fat friend.

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  1. I'm sorry about your leg! But it sounds like everything's coming together and as soon as your leg is well you will be an unstoppable force. xx