Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On the right track

The scale read 115.5lbs this morning, pre-BM.


I went shopping to celebrate... Wonderful way to celebrate weight loss, btw because it also makes you aware of how much more you have to do.

I would like to drop these last 5lbs and then evaluate, and possibly sent another GW.

The hubby and I worked out this morning together... It was SO nice. I burned about 200 cals on the eliptical and then we went to Subway for lunch (my breakfast).

Calories today:
B: Subway 6in Sub on Wheat, Metromint Water - 180 (I only ate half the bread)
L: Ricecake, Plum, Diet Coke - 75
D: ??? Who knows yet...

My total for today so far is 255.. I'm thinking I can get by with another plum and popcorn and a crystal light pop, making my total 400 today.

Plan set.

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