Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ate Fiber One for breakfast and had a crazy BM... Apparently I was lacking in the roughage department more than I was aware of.

The scale said 115lbs afterwhich.

I am so happy.

Today's planned intake:
B: Fiber One - 100 cals
L: Plum, Miso Soup, Sugar Free Red Bull - 75 cals
D: Salad or canned something @ 150 cals
Total: 325 cals.

Tomorrow's goal is to not eat anything until the hubby gets off of work because we're going out to drinkity-drink-drink, and I need the cals reserved. I'm planning on a piece of bread or something absorbing before we leave and then pure booze.

Fuck I just looked up tonic water and found that is has calories... I always though it didn't.

WTF, yo. I hate when that happens. It's Club Soda that doesn't have any calories...

Oh well, that mixes nicely with vodka toooooo!

Think thin, ladies!


  1. I definitely need more fiber in my diet to get those BM's movin'. 115-Awesome!

  2. Vodka-Soda is my drink of choice. I love that it's low cal! Hope you had fun :)

  3. you should get seltzer instead of club soda. club soda has sodium and will make you bloat more. seltzer has none! (both are 0 cal though, so if you have to pick club soda in the absence of seltzer that's ok)