Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My wedding was fabulous.

My honeymoon, equally so.

Wedding week, I love a fuck-ton of weight because I was SO BUSY and STRESSED. I ended the week at about 113 on my mom's scale...

Then the honeymoon week... Booze, sauces, battering, not knowing how my food was prepared and not being able to control my food as much... I gained.

When I got home, my mom's scale read 120.

Eeeek! I weighed when I got home, and it said 119.

I've been mia'ing and restricting the past few days, and I'm at 116 today... I want to lose about 6 more this week...

Yesterday's intake
Pizza - Mia'd
Chocolate cake - ???
Magical Mushrooms in OJ - 120

I tripped balls all night last night with the hubby and woke up feeling like SHIT this morning... Worse than the last couple times I tripped.

We then ordered Chinese Food. WHICH I mia'd as well... Which was fine because it make me feel sicker anyway.

I'm supposed to go over to Andy's house today and she wants to smoke, but I'm outta green... Which is probably a good thing.

No more food today for me

I have weight to lose... I want to be thinner than I was wedding day.

I'll catch up ASAP, ladies. Think thin.

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  1. Wow! You are awesome. You already lost that much vacation weight. That NEVER happens for me. Glad your wedding and honeymoon was fab! Congrats married lady!!