Friday, July 2, 2010

Planning my every day to lose one more pound at a time.

Down yet ANOTHER pound this morning...

I consumed around 500 cals yesterday and felt guilty about having eaten more than planned... SO I went to the gym after work and burned about 250 cals.

I haven't eaten yet today, and the fiance wants to have a cookout. :-/ I'm worried.

Maybe a veggie burger no bun with mustard and about 2oz of potato salad... That's about 160.

Then at work I can have some zucchini and shrimp... About 150.

And a sugafreeeeee Red Bull! For 10.

That's a good goal.... NO BREAD TODAYYY!

1 comment:

  1. Bread has always been my downfall too. I have always found it strangely comforting...

    Anyways, your willpower is amazing and you lose weight really quick! Keep fighting, you're almost there. (: