Saturday, July 3, 2010

B&P's only happen when I'm alone

Yesterday did NOT go according to plan... I went to work, we were SO SLOW that the boss man sent me home.

I went to the store, went by my apartment, and then off to my friend's house whom I'm house sitting for. I was there alone. Me and the dog.

I had a horrid binge and purge.

The shrimp and zucchini I ordered at work, a hot dog, cheese sticks with ranch, apple pie, ice cream, crackers, cheese, and God only remembers what else.

I ALWAYS do this when I'm alone.

I went into the bathroom, hurled, and drank a huge glass of water. My teeth were SO sensitive from whitening them lately and then the purge... I haven't done it in so long it was painful.

I didn't eat the rest of the night, putting my day at who knows where.

This morning I've had some egg beaters, with FF cheese and salsa - 150 cals.
I'm planning on Fiber cereal - 100
An apple - 70
And a Sugarfree Red Bull - 10
Total: 330

AND a workout when I get off work... Must burn at least 250 cals.

I'm mad about yesterday... I don't think it will set back my weight loss, but it's SO BAD FOR ME... I just can't help it.

However, in other news... Read this book.

It's fabulous, and SO well written. "Wasted" will always be my favorite ED book but this one is a close second.

Think thin, ladies.

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