Sunday, March 14, 2010


I overdid it a bit last night...

Nothing like the binges I just got over, just a few too many bites of this and that while partying it up on my weekend... I couldn't even begin to calculate calories without about an hour of research, but I think I ended my day at around 900... Definitely under 1,000, but that's not good to me.

1,000 means staying at the weight I'm at... Fewer gets me closer to my goal faster.

Why are weekends always the hardest for over-indulgence?

I'll do better today though.

Today I don't have to run my ass off at work, or be around food all night, so I'm not concerned with eating an abundance.

The goal: 500 cals to compensate a bit for yesterday... Going to start off my day with some fiber and loads of water...

Think thin, ladies.

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