Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Serious restricting & True Religion

I have become SO hard on myself.

And it has happened over the past week, but I'm not exactly certain WHY.

I feel like a completely fatty blob of bloat, when in reality I've only eaten about 550 cals today.

And yesterday when I said I was eating around 400 lately... that was a lie in retrospect. It's been closer to 300 a day.

I have no idea why I've become SO obsessed with eating SO little.

I think it's because this week I've been pick-pick-picking and not eating that much, so now when I DO eat, I feel guilty, knowing I can survive on less and that when I do survive on less and less, I lose more and more.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, another pound had come off.

I am now 2lbs lighter than GW#1 and only have 8lbs until GW#2.

BUT like I said yesterday, I find this too good to be true, so I'm wary of my scale and what it is telling me... I'm not sure if I believe it.

We're just going to take things one day at a time and see what happens.

But I'm going to run because I have the most MASSIVE migraine right now, and all I want to do is lie down.

I've added a box on the top right of this blog with all the links I've previously posted or the ones I use constantly. Some good stuff, so check it out!

True Religion thinspo today because their ads always make me pump it twice as fast during my workouts. :-)

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  1. I love those pictures!

    And I can really relate to what you wrote. I ate about 500 kcal yesterday and it felt like a 1000.

    We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. But on the other hand we're both making progress!

    Sending love!