Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Rules

Walking around the grocery store today, I was realizing home many rules I have for myself... It's kind of weird... So I was wondering what kind of rules you ladies had and if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Cally's Eating Rules:

-Beverages cannot contain calories (ie. only diet sodas, fake sweeteners, etc.)

-Alcohol can only be consumed if it's been at least a week since prior consumption, and only if I drink to the point of throwing up. (Yeah, that's totally sick that I drink to that extent on purpose, but there you have it.) And only shots or run/diet.

-No bread of any kind (this rule is my most broken) no nuts, no cheese (unless it's super diet, but I've pretty much eliminated all of it from my diet), no granola type items, no hamburger meat, no bacon, no sausage or any processed meat, no fat from any meat I do consume, no sauces on anything, no cream, no real mayonnaise, no potatoes, no rice, no beans, no corn (for the most part), no pasta, no real butter or real dairy of any kind except skim milk (and VERY rarely), no chocolate/candy, no egg yolks, no peanut butter or jelly, no deep-fried anything, no oils, etc! There are about a million foods I do NOT allow myself to consume.

-Condiments cannot contain over 10 cals a tablespoon, dressings no more than 30 cals a TB, jello no more than 10 a cup, oatmeal no more than 100 a package, butter no more than 5 cals a TB, yogurt no more than 45 cals a carton, etc. I have calorie limits for just about any "ana-approved" food item. If it's even 5 cals over, I ditch it.

-Avoid fruits/veggies that aren't neg cal.

- Coffee can only contain Splenda.

-Cereal cannot have more than 100 cals per cup, including milk, and they have to have a lot of fiber in them.

-No eating something unless I can estimate the calories, read the package, or research how many calories it has before consumption.

- Breakfast cannot be more than 100 cals, lunch no more than 200, and diner no more than 200.

-Only allowed crackers with high levels or fiber.

If too many of the above rules are broken, I mia... Mia'ing is also curiously against the rules.

Anyone want to share their rules?

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  1. I too have an insane amount of rules, but mine are not as severe as yours (I’m bulimic). So, here we go:

    1)I cannot eat a meal over 500 calories without purging.

    2)I cannot eat after seven pm.

    3)I cannot drink my calories (my most broken rule in the weekends)

    4)I can’t EVER have chips or snacks!

    5)I cannot have cake, cookies, chocolate, candy, crackers or cereal (my seks C’s) without purging.

    6)I cannot eat white bread, rice or white pasta.

    7)I cannot eat pork/pig.

    8)I cannot use butter or margarine to grease the pan for cooking. (And if anybody else makes me food with it, I can’t eat it without purging)

    9)The last one is: I can’t eat without guilt…

    I know the last one is almost every ED’s rule, but it’s mine too :)
    Thats is, hope you can use it!

    Love Cille