Monday, October 26, 2009

Ana is your friend

And mia might possibly be my best friend.

I feel bloaty and gross after eating 2 full-size meals today, but I purged the dinner. I said I wasn't going to - that I was going to let myself have one day of whatever - but I couldn't help it. I just NEEDED to.

I had a lovely evening though, and I really love my fiance.

Tomorrow = back to the grind & back to the restricting.

I need to be thin.


  1. You are me with a ring on your finger :)
    ED wise at least. I have become somewhat addicted to the feel of purging. Just to think that some of those calories you just ate can be eliminated -right here right now, is amazing!! I can eat what ever I want and just get rid of it. Heaven on earth... Or hell.. You choose.

    Does your fiancé know about your ED? And if yes, did he know before proposing to you?

    Love Cille

  2. i wish i could purge. i never got the hang of it down right and kinda just gave up after a few times.

    also, id love to know whether or not your husband knows too

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  3. I totally understand that feeling of addiction to mia and when you NEED to purge. It's so hard...when you know you've got it inside you, and it doesn't need to be there and its so easy to get out... Very hard, it makes for such a painful cycle. But you can break out of it and I hope the restricting is going well now!
    And Im glad you had a lovely night anyway, it's so good you've got someone you love who makes you happy :)
    Ophelia xx