Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just weighing in

Poll: How often do you step on the scale to weight yourself, and what are your "rules" about it?

I weight myself probably like 3-5 times a day.

1- when I wake up in the morning after my pee. 2- after a BM. 3- before bed (but this is always expected to be about a lb higher, and is used as a motivator.) 4-5- various times during the day when I feel empty.

Is that a crazy amount? I wonder about all of you...

Had lunch today at some sandwich shop... No idea how many cals in the sandwich... I had no mayo, no cheese, just turkey, spinach, red onion, and cranberry pesto on thin french bread.

I'm estimating that plus breakfast is about 450 cals.

I'm really hungry right now, but I'm going to go work out, take a bath, and then smoke a ciggy to fight off the cravings because I can only afford a 50 cal dinner - aka salad!

Lately I do NOT let myself go over 500 cals... And once I plateau, I'll probably go down a hundred cals... We'll see. Lately I'm dropping pounds, so as long as I still continue to do that, I'll stay at around 500 cals.

The fiance has been complementing me like CRAZY lately. This morning we were sitting around in bed and he was just kind of inspecting my body and telling me my stomach is so much flatter, my legs are thinner, my arms and collarbones are more defined, etc.

He doesn't know how much this feeds into me!!!

BUT, in other news... I want to buy an elliptical. I think I can find one for around $200. I may talk to the fiance about it soon and see if we can afford it... I also want a new scale, though the one I have is like my baby. (No lie, which is actually quite pathetic. I get upset when the fiance touches the dial or gets on it. Ha!) I just know it's not super accurate, so I want a digital one.

But it's all about the monies. We're paying for a $4K honeymoon on top of the wedding all by our lonesomes, and I need to schedule a dentist appointment soon as well.

Which, btw, I'm honestly scared to do... I don't think I throw up that much, but I'm scared my teeth might be fucked up somehow from purging... Or that the dentist will look in my mouth and just know.

But we'll just see how it goes... I know the longer I put this off, the worse it will get, so I might as well just go.

Geez... I just spent like 2 hours looking at thinspo... Time to get some workouts accomplished.

Anyway... Here's some thinspo... I'm all about cute dresses lately!


  1. I weigh myself possibly about 10 (probably more) times a day... Thats probably really bad.. We have three scales in my house and i use each one whenever i enter that room.. Theres also a scale at work that i step on whenever im there.. Then theres the scale at the gym which i use once when i get there, once when i finish cardio and once when i finish weights... Come to think about it, i weigh myself wayyy more then 10 times a day, eeek...

  2. I've been trying to weigh myself only once a week, but I maxi-fail on that and it's often twice a day (morning and evening), sometimes more (if I do a large BM I might check..). It's depressing though, I prefer once a week because the fluctuations are too large and I get too fixated on the number. DAMN digital scales!!

  3. I weigh myself every morning, naked after I pee. Ideally, I'd like to do it after a BM but they're not regular which totally sucks! Everyday my weight changes so I kind of just average it out every few days.

  4. I weigh myself every single day, in the morning and I will only take the numbers off the digital scale at the gym I work at.

    I don't think I could stand weighing myself on more than one scale Sarah, the differences and fluctuations would drive me nuts!