Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family, wedding, ana, Tori

Today's family time: Not toooo terrible (as in, not like usual!) but still pretty bad.

Tomorrow I'm taking my brother out for dinner for his birthday.

I'm going to attempt not to eat anything until dinner time, but I have to wake up early because I work daytime tomorrow instead of night... And I know I'll be fucking ravenous... We'll see though.

My determination is really strong.

I was thinking about what I've eaten today, and normally with my family here I'd have eaten like twice as much... It's pretty nuts.

My mom was even, "We're going to pick something up at such-and-such a place, do you want anything? Why not? All you've had are bites of things today! You need to eat something! We'll buy you something, what do you want? Do you want something from somewhere else?"

I finally convinced here I just wanted to eat what I had here, and she laid off.

I've eaten too much as it is... I don't need more crap.

I'm on my way... Slowly but surely... Headed back to ana.

BUT, in other news... I made a wedding website, and I wish I could show you girls, but it's chock full of personal info, and I am so deathly terrified of someone I know being on here, being one of my followers or someone I comment regularly, that I cannot! Fear paralyzes me.

Plus I'm so obese right now, I would hate for you all to see my grotesque figure.

I do wish I could share it all with you ladies though, because planning my wedding makes me so incredibly happy.

Which is yet another reason why I need to hurry up and lose a shit ton of weight.

Jamaica + bikini's + fat body = SO bad.

But that aside... Celia, SavorySweet, and Sarah, you girls are all right in your comments on my last post about our old group of bloggers... I miss our original group, and it is always terrible to me when they disappear.

Where is Lolly? Where is Jenna? Where is Shimmery Slippers? I hate that they are all gone, no more posts or no more blog period. It's so sad to me, and I worry about them.

Don't leave me girls! Our original clan needs to stick together!

I adore you ladies.

Anyway, here is some thinspo... Tori Spelling because for some reason lately I'm obsessed with her and how she's always kept her little body so thin!

Those arms!!! Augh... Time to work out...


  1. try drinking soy milk for breakfast to help stave off hunger

  2. Wow, Tori is lookin good! Thanx for the thinspo-workout time!!