Saturday, August 15, 2009


The past few days I have been so fucking emotional... I realize I'm on my period and that probably has something to do with it, but I'm just so ANNOYED with some things.

I think I'm exhausted. My parents being here and driving all over the fucking state to spend time with them and trying to balance out meals has been rough and tiring. But, I've been doing well with the eating. Not so much the exercising, but definitely the eating. Only mia'd once in the past few days - last night at work post-burger... I was starving from not eating all day because of the driving around, so I ate one.


AND I think my fucking ex bf is making me depressed... I don't know why though... I won't let myself think about it long enough to determine the issue...

I think it's because he didn't respond to my text, but he'll fucking run all around the city he lives in with his ex... Me, he won't even talk to, and I never hurt him like she did... HE hurt ME.

That just shows how crazy he really is tho, doesn't it?

No more of this shit. No more thinking about it.

And NO more talkign to him in ANY form. ESPECIALLY texting!

But in other news... Chevy.

He is NOT moving away like he originally intended, because our company promoted him. But, he's not working in our kitchen as much, so I don't see him much, but things have been so WEIRD.

Basically when the fiance and I were having issues, I was all over Chevy like white on rice. Then, things started getting better, and Chevy was in and out of work with this whole promotion going on, and we didn't see each other for a good 2 weeks because I was working opposite shifts. Then when we did see each other, I didn't have as much of an interest in hitting on him because things were going really well with my man. And Chevy started being downright MEAN to me. Saying rotten things being rude all the time...Whatever.

And NOW... Fucking NOW he's crawling back to me.

And I don't need the drama.

Last night, he came into the back room where I was doing stuff, and he said, "I think we're missing each other." I asked him what that means, and he said, "Nothing," and starts to walk off (Total game playing, btw.) And I called him back over and he says we're not "connecting" anymore, we're "missing eachother" we're "not on the same page," blah, blah, blah...

Basically what he's saying is he still wants to bang me, and he's upset I'm not flirting with him like I was before.


Save the drama fo yo mama.

I create enough of my own fucking boy drama, I don't need yours... Though I kind of created that too.

FUCK boys.

I told him we were fine, whatever. I paid him a little more attention so he would calm the fuck down. I do NOT need work drama.


Haven't eaten anything yet today, and I'm contemplating things.

I think this is the plan:

B: Bran cereal
L: Fruit
D: Tofu and the place we're going out to tonight, and possibly some alcohol!

I have to go to a wine tasting for work, which SUX because I don't want the calories, and I don't want to get drunk before work because my stomach is empty either.

Pretty sure I'll be spitting.

BUT, off to work out ladies!

I'll be catching up on all of your blogs tomorrow, and posting thinspo I've been savin' up!

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  1. Sounds like a great plan food wise and congrats on avoiding mia! and a guy who's not asking you out and is playing games is just not worth it - if he's like this now, imagine if you WERE going out!

    Your period will mess with your weight so just leave it for now :)