Thursday, August 6, 2009

Always posting how "I'm Back!"

I have not had a free moment to update in faaar too long... I HATE this.

My weight is up 2 pounds. I wanted to shoot myself for all the social eating I've been doing lately... I tried to purge as much as possible, but sometimes you just can't, ya know? It's amazing I've only gained 2 pounds, honestly. I need to stay HOME and not eat out so much! And I need to buy groceries for the fiance so he doesn't suggest we get fast food so often...

PHEW almost got caught...

Anyway... The fiance and I are planning a mega-expensive honeymoon, so the going out with friends and eating is going down in occurrence because we have to save every cent to afford what we want to do...

BUT anyway...

Today's eating plan:
B: 1 cup strawberries/half yogurt = 75
L: 1 cup cucumber with 2 tbsp balsamic = 26
D: Grilled romaine, and chicken at work = 145

And possibly some miso soup for 35.

I'm gonna fucking stick to this.

And NOW I'm going to go read your blogs, ladies!!! Woo hoo!

Oh, and PS I'll post all about the wedding soon!

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  1. Congrats on your engagement!!! I want to hear all the juicy wedding details! Do you have a dress yet?