Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out of touch

Wow, ladies... I feel so out of touch with all of you!

I have been working my ASS off.
Tuesday: 8am-5:30pm
Wednesday: 8am-5:30pm
Thursday: 8am-5:30pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-5:30pm
Monday: 11:30am-11:30pm
Tuesday: 6am-9pm
(Yes. I got off work at 11:30, got home at midnight, slept 4 hours and got back up to go to work from 6am until almost close... I was so tired in the middle of the day I took a nap in a booth over our lunch break.)

PHEW! Friday I had off, and I have off today and don't have to be in until 4 pm tomorrow... I feel SO overworked. I've had a headache for two days, and my feet are KILLING me... I need to find comfy workshoes... The ones I bought killed my feet.

BUT I love my job... The people I work with and for are wonderful, and I've been having a great time, even with my lack of sleep... The restaurant had it's grand opening today, and we have a million reservations and events going on the next two weeks... I have to go pick up my uniforms today at some point.

BUT the downside of all of this is the BF and I aren't going to get an extreme amount of time together... Which he was really upset about when I got home Monday and had to go straight to bed... God I love him so much. It scares me still sometimes.

BUT I think we'll adjust soon.

I am so happy to have some friends at work though... I've met some AMAZING people that I absolutely adore, and it makes me SO happy.

And my weight is not bad lately... I still want to lose a bit more, but I'm doing well... I haven't had time to control things as much as I'd like, but now that training is over, I will be able to plan my meals better... Augh it's been rough but I've been burning so many calories running around work that I'm okay still... Which is a RELIEF!

I love you ladies and I'm going to go catch up on your blogs!!!

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  1. WOW! you've been crazy busy!
    glad you're well though :)