Sunday, March 8, 2009


SO yesterday was ROUGH. BUT I feel okay about it...

B: Apple
At work: Some of a wrap an some grits (We're talking 3 bites, half a cup here.) Which I threw up... Yeah at work... Not proud of it...
L: Free icecream cone from Kilwins after work because their store is right next to ours and it was the first warm day in forever, so the owner gave me one because he was selling so many. (They come into the restaurant where I work all the time.) I ate the shit out of that thing, went home and threw it up. (SO mia'd TWICE... Fu-uck.)
D: Bonefish with the BF. (I only agreed because I knew I could afford the cals...) So I had some shrimp, trout, and loads of veggies and the mango salsa... I only ate half my fish and 3/4 of the veg... BUT, the bad part of this is I let myself get a driiiink. Which was like 250 cals I think... I got a Peach Long Island Iced Tea. And lemme tell ya... I haven't had alcohol since I effing graduated college like THREE MONTHS AGO. So I was lit. Yes, I pathetically got drunk off that one drink and was practically stumbling out of the place laughing the whole time. So I guess for that many cals it was good! Ha ha!

So I think my day was around 650 when I did all the math and took into account what I threw up... Not terrible. And I got tipsy! Ha!

But on another note... I lost another pound.. But GOD is it going slow... I had plateaued since this post. And I was getting really annoyed because I've been doing better and better, but I knew it was going to happen because the first ten pounds came off so fast... And because of my women problems the past week which are FINALLY over, thank GOD!

Hopefully I'll continue to lose...

Today's going well apple and soup so far and chicken for dinner.

Anyway... THINSPO:

Black and white because I just love it...


  1. thanks for the thinspo! I love hilary!
    Congrats on the good day, shame you had to purge though...Good Luck for the rest of the week hun!!


  2. lol long island ice teas mess you up *every* time. But you are right... I hate drinking and then having NO buzz whatsoever and wasting all those cals, so I guess long island is the way to go calorie wise ;)

    Thanks for the thinspo! I agree, b&w is amazing.