Friday, March 20, 2009


SO, the scale this morning reads 136... Totally okay with that.

Lost the period water weight, had a BM, and that means I only gained a pound on my "binge-like-a-maniac" weekend. And that only gives me more determination to lose more!

Yesterday's intake was FAB.
B: Apple
L: 4 bites of chicken stew.
D: Grilled Chicken Mexican salad at this place the BF and I like to go to.

I was trying not to waste cals throughout the day so I could enjoy my dinner, and BOY did I enjoy it. The salad is amazing there.

PLUS, we had an AMAZING time! I called the BF at work and asked him if he wanted to go out because I'm trying to eat better, and I know their stuff is fresh and yummy and good, and he likes to go on Thursdays because they do 3 beers for $3. (I know... Insane carbs.) And he was like, "I'll invite the girl I work with and her husband." Because we have absolutely no friends here yet, and it's saddening... SO, he did, and they couldn't go, BUT two of the people that come into the office where he works were there and he invited them, and they said sure. They too are new to this area and don't really have any friends...

And we had a GREAT time. We were laughing SO hard and talked until they basically kicked us out of the restaurant. It was SO nice to be around PEOPLE again. I'm a social person and living here has produced no friends so far. Fuck, I don't even need friends... I just need people I can go out with who I have a little something in common with. And statying in this house waiting for my job to start while the BF has our only car is not a great way to meet people...

SO it was nice to have some social interaction. And some good food. Ha ha!

But anyway... On to today.

Right now I'm drinking some grapefruit juice I personally squeezed - 70 cals.

AND yesterday I had a revelation... I really like eggs, but one large egg is 70 cals, and normally that's about all I allow myself for breakfast. And we all know that egg whites are much less (17 cals for a large egg egg white) And I've tried the egg white omelet before, and I'm not a fan... Scrambled egg whites, ew. BUT I absolutely love hard boiled eggs, and when I boil them, I don't even LIKE the yolk (unless it's deviled of course, but I can't do that!) so VOILA! One egg white, hard boiled = 17 cals of yummy. This is also going to be nice for salads, snacks, meat fill-ins, whatever... I'm excited about my egg whites. LOL!

Yeah, I'm lame. But whatever...

I don't know if I'm going to do a hardcore work-out today because I am freakin' beat from the past few days'.. I'm SO sore. And if I push it too hard and pull something before I start my job (Tuesday!!!) I'm going to be in TROUBLE... So we'll do an easier one... Probably for a longer period of time.

BUT, I'm going to run. Some thinspo... I kind of know this girl... Like I have a friend who knows her... And I have no idea if she had an ED or not, but she lost a LOT of weight from high school to Senior year of college. Quite inspiring to me... Click it for a better view.


  1. I totally agree on the egg whites...can't scramble 'em, but I like them hard boiled or poached (if you poach them long enough you can take out the hard yolk...then on top of a salad or just with a little salt - yum yum!

  2. Sounds like a fun nite!!

  3. Sounds like you had fun!
    And I agree about the eggs.. I don't get how people can even eat the yolk. Bleh.

  4. yay!
    thats great your loosing weight girl =]
    thanx for the thinspo =D

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  5. one of my favorite breakfast meals is egg whites scrambled with salsa... the salsa is 10 cals per tbs. and together, you can't even taste the egg whites. it's <50 cals for breakfast that way

  6. its great she lost weight the gurl in the very first before picture there but she didnt have an ED i dont think so because i lost 133 pounds in 1 year 1/2 ... and i have a minor ED ... so you never no but i disagree ... i think you gurls are gorgeous and i dunno why you are trying to lose weight . but i understand from my "battle" with anorexia .