Monday, March 2, 2009

Skinny v. Boobs and Other News

Lately, I haven't been doing anything... Not even blogging. I know... Lazy bum... It's just that the BF hasn't had to work and neither have I because it's snowed and snowed, and our work's are closed... So we've been home cuddling and yesterday I went to work with him, etc.

And then today my car got stuck on the side of the icy driveway to our apartment complex and another car slid into it... Mayhem all around... 7 cars involved when it was all said and done... The freakin' weather is NUTS! But, my car is okay... No REAL damage because it's a piece of shit anyway...

Today was low, low, low... I haven't been feeling well at all, and we have NO groceries and obviously haven't really been able to drive... SO I threw up after both lunch and dinner today... Yeah, low... I've honestly been doing REALLY bad lately with the mia... Augh. I just panic after I eat ANYTHING, and I throw up. I'm terrified of gaining weight...

But, I noticed yesterday the boobs are shrinking which SUCKS... And the BF made a comment last night about it. And then I had nightmares about it all last night that I kept going from fat to super skinny and he complained that I was chubby and then that I had no boobs (which he's complained about his ex girlfriend having no boobs before...). Augh. So apparently this morning I was talking to him half asleep about will he still be attracted to be when I lose a bunch of weight, if my boobs get smaller, blah blah blah... And when our eventful morning was over, he talked to me about it and said he just wants me to be happy with my body.

Well, I'm not... At all... But I like my boobs. They look good...

I mean, how much can they actually shrink???

Know what though??? This whole thought process is completely pointless because 1.) I know the BF would like me to be a little thinner, (because we've talked about it) 2.) to boys, boobs are boobs (even the BF says this...) and 3.) nothing is going to stop me from losing more weight because I WANT to. I not only want, but NEED to be thinner.

And 4.) I can always get implants one day. :-)

SO, that said... Some thinspo. I chose Ms. Dunst because the BF once told be he's always had a crush on her... And she's gorgeous! (Plus... not too much boobies...)

And, PS... I WANT, want, want this dress!


  1. (Her collar bones are to die for.)

    And about the boobs-- I think boys are happy to be getting to see someone naked. I'm sure you look/will look hott!

    How long have you and the BF been together?

  2. I agree with jenna, boys aren't too fussy with what they get, they might not admit it but they would rather a toned ass then a fat one.
    But yeah im the opposite, about the boob thing, i want to lose mine ( im a D-cup) but I wanna go to a B cup or something.

    Good Luck for the rest of the week!

    Thanks for the thinspo!!

  3. i get torn between boobs and losing weight as well :[ somtimes i feel i want my boobs more but who's gonna look at my boobs if im fat? :[ rite? lol.