Thursday, March 12, 2009

Low Cal, Diet, & Thinspo.

So today is my 600 day... I stuck to my 400 yesterday with no more sickness, so I guess it was just the tomato...

AND, here is what the 2-4-6-8 Diet is: (for those of you who were asking!)
Usually with restricting calorie intake, you actually slow your metabolism. Therefore, with this diet, you take in different amounts of calories every day. This behavior tricks your body and causes jumps of weight loss with every cycle.

The first day you restrict to 200 calories. The following days you build up the calorie intake by 200. (2nd day: 400. 3rd day: 600, etc.) You can add a day of fasting in between if you like. I personally do not fast because it's harder to hide, and the 200 cal days are hard enough!

I really like it personally because it's very structured, and usually I plan what I'm going to eat the night before. And I have something to look forward to on the 800 days, and I'll incorporate something I've been craving!!!

BUT, anyway... I wanted to let you girls know about a few products I've discovered that are yummy/low cal/good alternatives!

1.) All Bran/Special K Crackers. You get NINETEEN crackers for 120 cals... (6.3 cals per cracker!) I never eat 19, and they are actually really yummy. Garlic and Herb All Bran are good, and they also have Tomato Herb Special K ones. AND, if you like plain ones, they have Wholegrain ones. A few notes though, the Special K Wholegrain are a bit higher (130 per serving), and normally the All Bran ones are cheaper! They're a great alternative to bread, and they have a LOT of fiber, which we all love as a nat lax!

2.) Kraft Free Mayo. Regular mayo is 100 Cals per TBSP. This stuff is TEN. AND it tastes pretty much just like mayo... Maybe a little sweeter, but still good, and I feel like the texture makes it go a little further, so if you're making tuna or something you'll probably only use like 3 TB compared to 4!

3.) Sugar Free Jello Cups. They have Cherry, Black Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Mixes Berry and they are TEN cals a cup! TEN! They're REALLY good, and great for satisfying those sugar cravings.

4.) Kraft Free Italian Dressing. 15 Cals for 2 TB! And it's stronger tasting than normal, so I actually usually use less, especially if I dip.

5.) Fat Free Cream Cheese. IF you're hankering for some cheese, you can have 2 TBSP for around 30 cals... And DON'T buy the Weight Watcher's cream cheese. I've compared it all, and it's actually higher.

So there you go! If you've seen anything that's like these, let me know!

But on another note... I weighed myself on the gym scale and it was TEN pounds off from my home scale... WTF? How could it be so different!? I don't know what scale to trust because, granted, I have a cheapo home scale, but I don't know how old/calibrated the scale at the gym is... It's like a scale at a doctor's office though... Who knows! It says I'm lighter at the gym... I need a third scale to find an average now.

And guess what!? On the 2-8 diet, I've already lost weight!!! Gah!!! Like 5 lbs in about 3 days!

BUT, my parents and brother are coming to visit, and I have nooo idea how it's going to go... Luckily they're coming tomorrow night on my 800 day, so I can enjoy spaghetti night with them if I reserve cals all day... It's just the rest that I'm worried about! It might have to be a mia weekend, which I do NOT want to do... But we're supposed to go to freakin' BRUNCH on Sun which is SUPPOSED to be my 400 day... (We're going to the place I just stopped working at, so I know I can have a veg omelet and eat half for about 200 cals... Which would mean NO lunch and a 200 dinner... )Maybe I'll just let this weekend not be 2,4,6,8 and then resume after they leave... Like finish it off tomorrow with 800 and then attempt to just stay at around 500 while they're here... I think that's what I'll do. It's honestly the only thing I CAN do with my nosey mom here...

BUT! Today's progress:

B: Oatmeal with skim and sweetener - 200.
L: Crackers - 120, Cream Cheese - 30.
D: Chicken - 140, Broccoli - 80.
S: Jello Cup - 10

SO a 580 total... So I can throw in some veggies if I want, so I may add some tomato to my lunch! For about 15. Woa, carbs today! LOL! I'm excited... Plus lots of fiber!!!

AND I went to the gym early this morning for about 45 mins and did elliptical and about 100 arm curls... I may try to squeeze in my ab video in a bit here...

But here's some thinspo! (Sorry for the long post... Thanks if you read the whole thing!)


  1. Skinny jeans thinspo.

    And you're doing so well on the 2-4-6-8! You may be making a believer out of me. I may join the bandwagon when this fast is over.

    Keep it up!

  2. I gotta say, I'm way impressed and really proud that you're sticking to and getting so much progress from the 2-4-6-8!

    I was wondering ... just a general questions, since I can't really ask my friends... Do you find that when you are about to menstruate that you crave a lot more? Cause I feel like I've been diligent, but since after SB I've been craving every type of food! It's never been hard to eat less than 1000 a day for me... So I dunno... Just wanted your thoughts.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for the list of low cal foods! I'll def. check some of those out, esp. the fiber crackers.

    And please keep us updated on the 2-4-6-8. I'm seriously considering joining you!

  4. I really like the sound of that diet, might give it a go soon
    Good work so far!

  5. thanks for #1 & 3

    going to try those jello cups